Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why Automatica?

 Let's be blunt: there is an undeniable culture that surrounds automotive things--such as cars and motorcycles.
More to the point, there is a culture that surrounds these things as much as they help to shape and form culture itself. Given this, I present to you Automatica, a blog dedicated to all things auto culture and culturally automotive.

Automatica is a blog conjured up when trying to decide how to make the most of the talents I feel I have, which, at present, seem to be writing, studying culture, and tinkering with automotive things in my spare time. To be honest, the first two are talents, possibly, but the third is a passion, an obsession, and, at times, an
affliction from which I seek no cure.

Culture is relative, cars are objects. These are facts. But if one only stops for a moment to look just below the surface, the truth bubbles from beneath and proves that both are so much more than a functional collection of their parts. cars and bikes have done far more for mankind than simply enable him to move farther and wider across the face of the earth; cars and motorcycles have liberated not only the body, but the human mind and spirit. They have created vast worlds, all of which are uniquely their own, both broad in range and scope and insular at the same time.

Culture, on the other hand, is not so cut and dry. Many still argue it to this day. But one thing can be said to be certain: that automobiles have played a vital role in shaping the cultures of those who possess them, and even those who do not. From the podium-standing elites of Formula 1 racing to the garage tinkerers and tuners of 1950's California, Automobiles have had a hand in both creating and altering cultures merely by their inclusion in the zeitgeist. Capitalists to communists, Dictators to dilettantes, we all live in an automotive world.

And I feel it is time we address this, in no short order. Without further ado, Automatica is here. Visit early, visit often...

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